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2021年CATTI 英语翻译实务翻译练习 :Earth Day

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【摘要】 信息爆炸的时代,我们应该学会过滤,一步一个脚印的往前走!小编为大家整理了关于“2021年CATTI 英语翻译实务翻译练习 :Earth Day”的信息,一起来看下“2021年CATTI 英语翻译实务翻译练习 :Earth Day”的内容吧!

2021年CATTI 英语翻译实务翻译练习 :Earth Day

On Thursday, Earth Day, President Biden is holding a global summit on climate — aiming for the U.S. to cut greenhouse gasses to half of their 2005 levels by the end of the 2020s.

Meanwhile at NPR, we want to share some ways we have connected with our Mother Earth via the arts. So, here are some of our favorite Earth-related media — from books to movies to songs — ones that might just give you something to think about and celebrate this Earth Day. (After you go for a walk or plant some flowers in your garden.)

Richard Powers' Overstory

Trees are older, wiser, and more diverse than humans. The presence of a majestic tree can provide emotional continuity for generations of one family. They beckon young climbers. They even communicate with each other. In Powers' Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, a handful of different characters, from across time and geography, illuminate the ways in which we both cherish and destroy these towering giants. The stories eventually entwine in ways that might give "the tree-blind," as Powers puts it, a newfound appreciation for the tribes we call forests.

-- Elizabeth Blair, reporter

majestic /məˈdʒestɪk/ adj. 雄伟的;威严的;壮观的

beckon /ˈbekən/ v. 招手示意;举手召唤

towering /ˈtaʊərɪŋ/ adj. 高大的;高耸的;屹立的

entwine /ɪnˈtwaɪn/ v. 与…密切相关(或紧密相联)

tree-blind adj. 对树木一无所知的

newfound /ˈnuːfaʊnd/ adj. 新得到的

Silent Running (1972)

Douglas Trumbull's postapocalyptic thriller, created just two years after the first Earth Day in 1970, starts in the not-too-distant future with Earth's last surviving plant life preserved in space pods — giant geodesic domes attached to massive space freighters — for eventual return to use to reforest the planet. Bruce Dern is one of the caretakers when the cargo company decides it wants its freighters back, and starts jettisoning the pods. Aided by three droids — Huey, Dewey and Louie — Dern engages in some creative sabotage to foil their attempts and save the last vestiges of Earth's ecosystem.

-- Bob Mondello, film critic

postapocalyptic /pəʊstəˌpɑː.kəˈlɪp.tɪk/ (世界)末日后的

space pod 太空舱

geodesic /ˌdʒiːəʊˈdesɪk/ adj. 测地线的,大地线的(曲面上两点间距离最短的线)

dome /dəʊm/ n. 圆顶状物;穹状建筑物

freighter /ˈfreɪtə(r)/ n. 货船;运输飞机

jettison /ˈdʒetɪsn/ v. (为减轻重量而从行驶的飞机或船上)扔弃,丢弃,投弃

vestige /ˈvestɪdʒ/ n. 残留部分;遗迹

"Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology)"

What I love about this song — and the entire What's Going On album — is how it tackles a serious issue without a hint of preachiness or condescension. (*cough* Common *cough*) It emanates palpable concern and weariness for the state of the environment and is a musical poem with no real chorus, only the repeated, deeply relatable sigh of "mercy, mercy me" in between laments about "overcrowded land" and its "abuse from man." The gift and curse of this song is that it's even more relevant today than it was 50 years ago.

-- Aisha Harris, co-host Pop Culture Happy Hour

preachiness /priːtʃnəs/ n. 说教

condescension /ˌkɒndɪˈsɛnʃən/ n. 屈尊;傲慢态度

emanate /ˈeməneɪt/ v. 产生;表现;显示

palpable /ˈpælpəbl/ adj. 易于察觉的;可意识到的;明显的

lament /ləˈmɛnt/ n. 哀叹


Apparently, humans never changed course on pollution, and sometime in the 22nd century they were forced to leave a planet they had turned into a giant garbage dump. But they left without turning off a trash-compactor-on-treads robot they'd left behind — a Waste Allocation Load-Lifter: Earth Class, or WALL-E — who has, over the course of 700 years, developed a personality. Pixar's digitizers made the first hour at once a bleak vision of our future, and an enchanting Chaplinesque love story as WALL-E falls for EVE — an Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator.

-- Bob Mondello, film critic

trash-compactor-on-treads 靠履带移动的垃圾压缩机

digitizer /ˈdɪdʒɪtaɪzə(r)/ n. [计] 数字转换器

bleak /bliːk/ adj. 不乐观的;无望

Chaplinesque /ˌtʃæpli'nesk/ adj. 卓别林式的

extra-terrestrial /ˈekstrə təˈrestriəl/ adj. 地球外的

Life in Color with David Attenborough

Everyone's favorite rumpled British naturalist is back, in a two-part docuseries about the way animals use color to warn off and/or hide from predators and find mates. Attenborough's trademark warm, inquisitive voice has grown a bit thinner with age, but it's still supple enough to convey his wonder at, and delight in, the natural world. And what a world this series captures,bursting with dazzling, shifting colors, courtesy of new camera technology that can approximate those aspects of the color spectrum normally invisible to us. A third episode offers a behind-the-scenes peek at how the documentary crew managed to capture some of the series' most striking images.

-- Glen Weldon, co-host, Pop Culture Happy Hour

rumpled /ˈrʌmpəld/ adj. 散乱的,满是皱纹的

docuseries /ˈdɑː.kjə.sɪr.iːz/ n. 纪录片系列

supple /ˈsʌpl/ adj. 柔软的,灵活的;柔韧性好的

behind-the-scene /bi'haind'si:n/ adj. 幕后的

Learning, Recycling, and Becoming Little Heroes

Author and activist Gale Glover was researching the Flint water crisis when she became inspired by how the city's children have coped and changed with the environmental challenges that now define their hometown. You can hear Glover, who herself grew up in Flint, discussing the resilience of those kids in her thoughtful and uplifting 2016 children's book, Learning, Recycling, and Becoming Little Heroes in this interview on the Michigan Radio program Stateside.

-- Neda Ulaby, reporter

Flint 美国密歇根州弗林特市

An Inconvenient Truth

Yeah, yeah, I know. You think it'll be like watching paint dry to hear Al Gore talking about global warming. Well, the film turns out to be pretty amazing, and very smartly done, with computer graphics that make the story he's telling far scarier and more immediate than the Hollywoodized one in, say, The Day After Tomorrow. I remember at the premiere, not a soul got up during the credits because they were riveted, believe it or not, by an environmental "to do" list.

-- Bob Mondello, film critic

premiere /ˈpremieə(r)/ n. (电影、戏剧的)首次公演,首映

credit /ˈkredɪt/ n. (电影或电视节目演职人员的)片头字幕,片尾字幕

rivet /ˈrɪvɪt/ v. 吸引住

My Octopus Teacher

A documentary filmmaker goes deep inside an underwater kelp forest where he encounters — and then makes friends with — a mysterious sea creature. It sounds like something a Disney animator may have dreamed up, but it's actually an apt description for Craig Foster's Oscar-nominated Netflix film. Come along as Foster as freedives into the chilly waters off South Africa. My Octopus Teacher is a true reminder of the value of slowing down andimmersing yourself (literally) in the natural world.

-- Bridget Bentz, producer

octopus /ˈɒktəpəs/ n. 章鱼

kelp /kelp/ n. 巨藻;大型褐藻

apt /æpt/ adj. 恰当的;适当的

freedive /ˈfriː.daɪv/ v. (不使用呼吸设备的)自由下潜,自由潜水

Forty Signs of Rain

The breathtakingly plausible and gripping first novel of Kim Stanley Robinson's hard-science-fiction "Science in the Capital" trilogy chronicles the cascading effects of global warming after a trigger event — a huge storm off the coast of California. Waters rise (the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. is soon up to Lincoln's neck in a flood) and the world belatedly takes action. This sets up two terrific subsequent novels Fifty Degrees Below, and Sixty Days and Counting, which collectively earned Robinson the moniker "Master of Disaster." No idea why Hollywood hasn't leapt on these. They're great reads.

-- Bob Mondello, film critic

plausible /ˈplɔːzəbl/ adj. (解释或叙述) 看似合理的

gripping /ˈɡrɪpɪŋ/ adj. 激动人心的;吸引人的;扣人心弦的

hard-science-fiction n. 硬科幻

trilogy /ˈtrɪlədʒɪ/ n. (书、戏剧或电影的) 三部曲

chronicle /ˈkrɒnɪkl/ v. 按事件发生顺序记载

belatedly /bɪˈleɪtɪdlɪ/ adv. 迟来地;晚出现地

set up 引发,产生

moniker /ˈmɒnɪkə(r)/ n. (非正式)名字

read /riːd/ n. 好的(或有意思等的)读物;好书(或文章等)






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